6:15pm - Hit Me With Your Best Shot vs. GIS
7:05pm - Set Addicts vs. Team Ram Rod
7:55pm - Innies & Outies vs. Clammers & Hammers
8:45pm - Allways Hungover vs. Wolfpack
9:35pm - Sloppy Sets vs. Wanna Be Good


6:15pm - Clammers & Hammers vs. Wanna Be Good
7:05pm - Allways Hungover vs. Sloppy Sets
7:55pm - Wolfpack vs. Team Ram Rod
8:45pm - Hit Me With Your Best Shot vs. Innies & Outies
9:35pm - Set Addicts vs. GIS


6:15pm - Set Addicts vs. Innies & Outies
7:05pm - Wolfpack vs. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
7:55pm - Wanna Be Good vs. GIS
8:45pm - Team Ram Rod vs. Sloppy Sets
9:35pm - Allways Hungover vs. Clammers & Hammers