6:15pm - Blue Fish vs. Hammered Time
7:05pm - Totally Beachin vs. Velvet Hammer
7:55pm - Pure Funk vs. Fascinated By Squirrels
8:45pm - Kontrolled Kaos vs. I'd Hit That
9:35pm - Bumpin' Grind vs. Sandy Beaches


6:15pm - Totally Beachin vs. Bumpin' Grind
7:05pm - Fascinated By Squirrels vs. Hammered Time
7:55pm - Kontrolled Kaos vs. Velvet Hammer
8:45pm - Blue Fish vs. Sandy Beaches
9:35pm - Pure Funk vs. I'd Hit That


6:15pm - Velvet Hammer vs. I'd Hit That
7:05pm - Blue Fish vs. Pure Funk
7:55pm - Sandy Beaches vs. Hammered Time
8:45pm - Totally Beachin vs. Kontrolled Koas
9:35pm - Fascinated By Squirrels vs. Bumpin' Grind


6:15pm - Fascinated By Squirrels vs. Kontrolled Kaos
7:05pm - Sandy Beaches vs. Totally Beachin
7:55pm - I'd Hit That vs. Bumpin' Grind
8:45pm - Hammered Time vs. Pure Funk
9:35pm - Blue Fish vs. Velvet Hammer