1. Team Composition

There will be 6 players to a team. Teams will consist of 3 men and 3 women. A legal line-up will be allowed with 5 players as long as there is a 3/2 or 2/3 male to female ratio. A team with 4 players can play, but must have at least 1 person of the opposite sex playing. If a team has less than 4 players or not at least a 1/3 ratio it is a forfeit.

2. Games

All 3 games will be played by rally scoring. Every point will count towards the score. Teams play to 21, and must win by 2 points. If tied, the first team to 25 will win, regardless of point difference.

A coin will be flipped prior to the first game with the winner of the flip getting the choice of service or selecting the side to receive the serve. The team that serves first in game 1 will also serve first in game 3.

The ball must be served underhand within 5-10 seconds of the referees whistle. For intermediate leagues the serve is optional.

3. Legal Volley

There will be no Sex Rules. Any combination of players is a legal volley.

4. Legal Serve

A ball may touch the net on a serve. If a ball touches the net on the serve and makes it over it is still a live ball and must be played.

5. Blocking and Receiving the Serve

Players are not allowed to block the serve. When receiving the serve a player must bump the first hit. Players may block or set above the net. Players may not make contact with the net while a point is in play, if contact occurs the opposing team wins the point. No Back row spiking. (Intermediate leagues only may set the serve.)

6. Timeouts

Each team will be allowed one timeout for one minute during each game. There will be a maximum of a 2 minute break between games.

7. Rotation & Tardy Players

Rotation of players is allowed but teams must rotate at the same two positions. If a match has started and a player shows up, if the team is not playing at 6 players then that player can immediately step in at the next point as long as the ratios are kept in place to have a legal team. If they have 6 players then that player can rotate in.

8. Game Forfeit

A forfeit of the first game will occur if a team does not have the required number of players or the right ratio of players present 5 minutes after scheduled game time or court availability if previous match runs late. Remaining games will be forfeited if a legal line-up is not present 15 minutes after scheduled time or the end of previous match if it runs late.

9. Cancellations and Make-ups

Games will be cancelled for inclement weather by 6:00 p.m. of the scheduled day. If a night is cancelled it will be made up at the end of the season. Ten Pin Alley will try to contact each team's captain. It is the captain's responsibility to inform the other members of the team. If a league is cancelled in the middle of league play only completed games will count, with the remainder of the games to be made up.

Ten Pins Phone number is 845-1010 or our website is tenpinalleys.com Also if your team can't play you need to inform us and call the other team's captain.

Make-ups will be allowed and scheduled upon agreement of both teams. Make-ups must be made up no later than 2 weeks of scheduled match or it will be a forfeit. Please inform Management right away.

10. Team Rosters and Waiver Forms

There will be open rosters. This means that each team may bring in anyone to play for them, with one exception. Players on a team may not sub for another team in the same league. If a team is found in violation they will forfeit all games that night. A player may play in any other league without penalty.

*Waiver forms must be completed by everyone before they play the first night and any new players throughout the season that are added. NO EXCEPTIOINS. Give the form to the manager or the referee on duty if the manager is not available.

11. League Standings

Standings will be determined by the total won and lost. There will be 2 nine week rounds in the 18 week season. After the 1st round the wins and losses will be reset to zero. If a team wins both rounds they are the league champions. If two separate teams win a round then a 2 out of 3 game playoff will be played to determine the league champion. The same format will be used if there is a tie for a round.

12. Miscellaneous

Please make sure you are on time for your scheduled matches. When your court is open take advantage of warm up time since we are now on 50 minute matches. Also Please do not serve or slam the ball into the wall all it does is damage the balls.